The new evangelization as pictured by St. John Paul was an outreach to a specific group of people: those who had tasted of the New Wine of life in Christ but were no longer following in The Way. Specifically, he wanted to reach fallen away Catholics, those who had been baptized in the faith but no longer participated in a sacramental life.

Tom Peterson was a living the life of a successful businessman in Arizona when Jesus met him in a very real and overwhelming way. Peterson was on a retreat and praying before the Blessed Sacrament when he felt a deep hunger for the things which money could not buy. After praying and discerning God’s will for him, he left the trappings of his success and started Catholics Come Home. Now based in Atlanta, the ministry is carrying out the new evangelization by showing lapsed Catholics just what they are missing.

One of the videos they produced, Epic, shows the richness of the Catholic Church, now and through the ages. And they don’t just have a video. They also provide a “fact sheet” to back up every claim they make. This makes a really helpful aid when speaking with others about the facts of the Church.

This ministry is an example of what can happen when even one person catches fire by the grace of the Holy Spirit. What will you do?