Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples is a short series of essays specifically about building up Intentional Disciples within parishes.  I often forget how enjoyable it is to read short, stand-alone essays in between the hustle and bustle of life and, as such, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It is composed of easily digestible pieces and is as well suited for one’s bookshelf as it is for a parish waiting room coffee table.

Reading even one of the essays will spark thought and whet one’s appetite for evangelization.  I especially liked the essay on intercessory prayer by Keith Strohm, “Fireside Chats” by Fr. Chas Coney, and Jim Beckman’s essay on youth ministry.  In regards to the latter and being fairly young myself, I can highly relate to one truth Mr. Beckman offered. “What we are seeing is that more and more young people are actually a little turned off by the slick, entertaining presentations.  They want something real, something challenging and meaty.” (p.122)

This book is power packed with practical, real life problems and solutions.  It is about changing the failing paradigm of the maintenance parish – of doing the “same old thing” – and really focusing the parish towards fostering Christ-centered relationships; forming intentional disciples for Christ.  Though it is a bit of tautology, it reminded me that it is truly important to be intentional about being intentional.  This book helps remind us of that and offers lived ways to be intentional.

I recommend this book for all.