Book Review of Made for More by Curtis Martin, Founder of FOCUS

Curtis Martin’s book, Made for More, could perhaps be summed up in the following: “This book is dedicated to examining the compelling evidence God has given us that he does indeed exist and that there is a heaven.  This evidence is not a theory or a legal argument: it is a person.1

It is a brief, but effective book that demonstrates the central tenet of Catholic evangelization: that Jesus Christ is alive and desires a personal relationship with each of us.  Mr. Martin goes through many common lies about Jesus Christ found in our secular world.  For example, the theory that the apostles stole Christ’s body and lied about His resurrection or the “Twin Theory.”  He demonstrates the historical accuracy of the Bible and explores C.S. Lewis’s trilemma that Jesus Christ is either a lunatic, the Devil of Hell, or exactly what He claims to be, namely, God.

After examining the common concerns one might encounter, Mr. Martin goes on to share the love Jesus Christ has for us, how we are called to be part of His kingdom, and how to identify that kingdom on earth.  Finally, Mr. Martin shares his own faith journey and how he went from being a fallen away Catholic, to a Bible believing Christian, to returning to the Catholic faith.

It is an excellent book to read if you are just coming to know Jesus Christ, or if you know someone who is searching for truth.  I recommend this book for those seeking truth and those who want to become Christ’s disciple, but aren’t sure if they can trust Him.