As I briefly described in an earlier article, I attended SLS16 which is a conference put on by FOCUS.  As much as I am able, I hope to offer a clear and practical overview of this event not only for understanding the mission driving the FOCUS apostolate, but also to glean concrete tools for evangelization.

General Description

Each day of SLS began with adoration in the Trinity Ballroom (aptly named!) beginning at 8:30am.  As there was adoration offered throughout the conference in a specific adoration chapel, Christ was processed each morning from this chapel to the Trinity Ballroom for Exposition.  After mass, which began at 9:30am, He was again processed back to the chapel so as to be available for all throughout the conference.

Following mass, “Training Sessions” began at 11:30 and lasted until 1:00pm.  Luncheon talks then followed until the “Power Sessions” began at 3:00.  These lasted until 6:30 and then attendees either participated in a dinner event (I, for example, was invited to the Career Night dinner) or found dinner themselves until the Keynote Speaker which began at 8:30pm.  Various events – ranging from the “Staches & Lashes” dance, a Matt Maher concert, and Sunday Adoration/Confession – followed the Keynote Speaker.

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