We recently spoke with Michael Dopp of Mission of the Redeemer Ministries about his new initiative, UEvangelize.

What is UEvangelize?  Is it part of the New Evangelization Summit?

It is separate from the Summit, but they really fit hand in glove.  I am partnering on this with my friend Josh, because we see it as a way to continue what begins at the Summit.  The Summit sets hearts on fire, it gets people excited, and it gives them a few idea.  But what happens the next 364 days before we have another Summit?  I see UEvangelize as being a platform for people to continue to get formed, to learn more, to be inspired, to ask questions, and to be connected to a community.  Though it is not an explicitly New Evangelization Summit community, it really does serve and flow out of what happened at that Summit.

When people go to events like the New Evangelization Summit, they get excited and inspired, but then they are left on their own and sent to the four winds.  It can be lonely, and there is no mentoring, no discipleship, and no place to have their questions answered.  Having a discussion forum won’t replace one-on-one mentoring, but it is really an opportunity for social learning.  People can learn from Josh and I in the content that we have available, as well as in the community forums where they are learning with, inspiring, and encouraging one another.  Not only do they learn how to evangelize, but they realize that they aren’t alone.  Right now we have about 300 members, but we hope to grow that into the 1000’s.  There is a lot of potential bringing together the brain power of a 1000 Catholics who want to evangelize.

If someone wants to join the UEvangelize community, what kind of resources are available? 

The finished site will be launched October 1st, but we are letting people who attended the Summit get a sneak peak.  Registration is closed right now, but if this is something that someone is interested in learning more about, they can go to the website, uevangelize.org.  There they can give their email address and they’ll receive all the free content.  When our membership window opens in September, then they can become members at that time.

Members will get a whole series of courses setting the foundations on how to evangelize.  There will be about six modules with 4-10 classes in each of those.  They’ll have access to all the videos from the past two New Evangelization Summits (worth about $80/each) and they’ll be invited to a monthly webinar that Josh and I are leading.  They’ll have access to a community forum with a place for questions/answers, for sharing successes and wins, for inviting others to pray, and a way to share their own experiences.  UEvangelize really creates an online community where people can be connected, learn from each other, and grow with each other.

For those who aren’t members, but want to participate in some way, UEvangelize will have blogs and podcasts available for them.  We are just getting that going and it’ll be released in the next month or so.

What does it take to become a member?

It is $19/month and we have a special deal for those who were at the Summit.  We also give a discount if someone pays annually.  Becoming a member grants full access to the membership site which, like I said, includes all the Summit videos, educational courses, webinars, and the community forum.

We are doing a lot of interacting with our membership right now, because we really want to hear what they need in order to evangelize.  What can we give to them to take the next step? People can sign up right now for all the free content.  As we get closer, we’ll introduce opportunities to sign up for the membership itself.

 Thank you!