In a recent interview with Julianne Stanz, the Director of New Evangelization in the Diocese of Green Bay, she spoke about the many ways the diocese is forming missionary disciples.  One very powerful way is through their Catholic Evangelization Studies Course which is running this August.  It is a partnership between the local Catholic college (Silver Lake College) who teaches the theological and historical foundation of evangelization, the Monks of Holy Resurrection Monestary who offer the mystical and spiritual tasks for the New Evangelization, and the diocese who, through Julianne, teaches the pastoral application of evangelization.  Throughout a three year cycle, this course covers the process of “encounter, accompaniment, and mission.”

“The first cycle,” said Julianne, “is a deeply kerygmatic encounter with Christ and asks what does it look like in your own life and in your ministry.  The second cycle is accompaniment – we focus on the thresholds of conversion and sharing your faith story.  The third element is mission…We are in the second phase of our second cycle and next year we’ll be getting to the mission module.”

Parishes can hop in and out of the cycle depending on their needs and parishes from other dioceses are participating as well.  The course is very intense — lasting three days from 8am-9pm.  For those who want to “dip their toe in” first, Julianne offers paired down versions for parishes as well as get-togethers every other month through the grass-roots New Evangelization Network.

Details on the Catholic Evangelization Studies Course are available on the Diocese of Green Bay website, as well as contact information for the Department of New Evangelization.