Zane lives in Belgrade, MT with his wife, Marcy, and his sons – Benjamin, Nicholas, David, and Thomas. He is an active member of the Knights of Columbus and in the life of his home parish, St. John Vianney. He enjoys reading, writing, and conversing (though probably too much of the latter!). He is slowing working through a M.A. in Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in his spare time. Besides spending time wrestling with his young sons, he periodically chops wood to keep the stove going and, even less frequently, works on all the unfinished projects around the house.

Answering the Call: 

My faith journey has been radical to me as an individual, but has been through an ordinary means. I think the seemingly paradoxical statement of “radically ordinary” sums up most faith journeys. We are radically called, but we live out that call in an ordinary manner. Some become priests or religious; I was called to marriage and fatherhood.

St. Francis de Sales has spoken to me in length about what it means to live one’s vocation in one’s faith. I wanted to be Catholic, to live the Catholic faith to the fullest. As a father and husband, I couldn’t abandon my family to go pray and fast in the desert – that wouldn’t be true devotion and trust in God’s plan. Instead, I finally accepted that my primary role in God’s plan was to live my faith in the beautiful, but ordinary way of providing for and raising a family.

Only after putting my will aside (in an imperfect fashion that I still struggle with daily!), God blessed me with the opportunity to fulfill my primary vocation through direct service to Him in the world – SPES! I could think of nothing better than sharing the Good News of God’s Love and Truth and I pray that I am able to, in some small way, help sow His seeds so that others may be blessed with the graces God has granted me. Simply, there is no greater aspiration than to be His instrument and I pray every day that He continues to grant me the grace to turn my will utterly over to Him.

Favorite Verse:

“I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Mt 10:34). Since that sounds pretty extreme, I offer this brief reflection: “Our Lord has not come to bring a false and earthly peace – the sort of tranquility the self-seeking person yearns for; He wants us to struggle against our own passions and against sin and its effects.” (The Navarre Bible: St. Matthew, p.89)

Fun Fact:

Zane and his family go to “Digger Days” every year where even the very youngest can operate excavators and climb around on construction equipment!

Zane can be reached at or (406) 813-8095.  He looks forward to speaking with you!