In the middle of this crazy world
Heavy with sorrow and grief, oh, what a mess
Like a ship that is sinking to its doom
Carrying its treasure
Oh, where can a young life turn?
Oh, Oh the world needs Jesus.

–Malcolm and Alwyn, The World Needs Jesus

News is a hot commodity. News sells. News draws our attention to media that in turn sells us images and desires for goods and services galore. When a tragedy, such as a mass shooting in a small Texas community, occurs, our eyes and brains and hearts are given to absorbing the news from many angles and perspectives. (This is all to camouflage the real intent of media, which is to make money by selling us cars and cruises and toothpaste.) This is the state of our nation today, a nation of news-addicts who cannot get enough bad news each day.

Now, I’m not saying we should all go hide our heads in the sand on a beach in Aruba and ignore the events of the world. We are part of life here, and must deal with it as it comes. But when the news is constantly maddening and impossible to comprehend in a world purported to be overseen by a loving God, we slump toward hopelessness and despair, the province of Satan.

This is the heart of the “fundamental problem” we discussed yesterday, the “fundamental problem in our society” that Cardinal DiNardo said exists in America. Hopelessness and the temptation to despair is rampant, with more to come with the next news cycle.

Is there a solution to this problem, a solution that is attainable, or are we doomed to sink in a pit with no bottom?

There is an answer. It has been there all along.


Is it simplistic to say, “All the world needs is Jesus”? Well, simple, yes—but not simplistic. Jesus’ incarnation incorporated every molecule in the entire universe. I would not call that “simplistic.” But it is simple to know the way out of our fundamental problem of hopelessness and despair. That way is The Way, The Truth, The Life. Jesus. And it is Jesus that we, His followers, must proclaim to all who are caught the net of despair. It is our one and only mission: To lift Jesus up so that all may look on Him and live.

Jesus is greater than all the bad, sad news our media can put in front of us. Jesus is here, now, ready and desirous of all to come to Him. But it is up to us, those of us who know Jesus, to bring others to Him. That is our one and only mission in this life: to rescue others from hopelessness. We are all needed in this vital task.

Oh, the world needs Jesus.