My pastor, Fr. Eric, told me a story one time about one of his parishioners who came to the faith. Fr. Eric was invited over to dinner by a couple he had only just met. Maria was a Catholic from the Phillipines and Paul was a Lutheran. They were expecting their first child and Father was surprised when, without any pre-warning, Paul asked him, “so we need to figure out how we are going to raise our child. Tell me your best reasons why I should become a Catholic.” Completely unprepared, Fr. Eric proceeded to do his best. When he was done, Paul said, “Okay. Those sound like pretty good reasons to me.” He was in RCIA the next class, joined the Church in Easter, and is now heading up the “Catholics Come Home” part of the parish evangelization effort! (That’s right! In Montana, our parish covers such a large area, that we sponsor our own evangelization media ad campaigns.)

As much as we wish every conversation was with someone like Paul, the reality is that evangelization is typically a slow process. God asks us to be faithful and to participate in His plan; He doesn’t demand that we are successful. We allow the Holy Spirit to move in us and to plant the seed of His love in those we meet. Some we are able to walk with, to water, to nurture, until one day God’s love truly takes over their heart and brings forth fruit a hundred fold. For most people we meet, however, we’ll never know if the seed we helped plant will mature.

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ is all about relationships. It is our relationship with Him that allows us to share Him with others. And unlike money, or food, or the worldly things, the love of God isn’t finite. There isn’t just a little bit for each person; the more His love is shared the more of it there is to share!

The New Evangelization is just beginning, but there is already much fruit! We hope you are inspired by the stories you read here and hope that you’ll share your story about God’s love in your life.


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In this recent article from the NCRegister, Joan Desmond reports the powerful witness Fr. Paul Scalia gave to the world at his father’s, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, funeral Mass.  He completely surprised everyone in attendance when spoke the following


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In the middle of this crazy world Heavy with sorrow and grief, oh, what a mess Like a ship that is sinking to its doom Carrying its treasure Oh, where can a young life turn?


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Brave, holy Catholic women have faced many hardships through the centuries. It was tough to be a Catholic woman with strong faith in Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages! The Church recounts the harrowing tales