The New Evangelization will not, cannot, occur without the Holy Spirit. Join others around the globe and pray with us specifically for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and that fruit may be born from evangelization efforts.

SPES Prayer

Our Father in heaven, may Your will for the salvation of souls unfold in the world today. May Your Love be etched on our hearts and the hearts of our neighbors, so all come to know the Way, the Truth, and eternal Life with You, as Your grace lifts us up in fellowship and communion with Your Son.

Jesus Christ, our brother and Lord on earth and in heaven, may we fulfill our mission, the Great Commission, which You gave us as your parting gift. May our hearts burn with gratitude for transforming love for the Holy Trinity and for souls.

Come Holy Spirit, inspire our bishops, the apostolic leaders of Your Church, as “fishers of men”. May You guide them in the blessing of the New Evangelization. With their paths lit by tongues of fire, may our bishops lead the faithful in the perfection of the Father’s plan for salvation.

O come Holy Spirit, O come Holy Spirit. As Missionary Disciples in service of our Lord, lift our hearts that they may be one with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of our most holy mother Mary.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful;
Guide us with Your wisdom and give us strength to stay the course;
Forgive us for our weakness and pride;
Grant us the grace to repent;
Help us to understand our own lack of understanding;
Give us a love of truth and save us from our pride.

Through You, the world will be renewed
and the message of salvation spread.
We pray that we may be found worthy to
share the Gospel of the Lord
and that our tongues may not be hindered
by our own fears, misgivings, and lack of faith.
We pray that all may come to know Jesus Christ as we have;
to freely join in communion with Him
through the gifts He left us – the sacraments.
We pray that the Church and all within Her
might answer the call to evangelize,
to become missionary disciples,
and to share their faith with the world.

We know that through You,
our hearts will be perfected,
our culture will return to the righteous path,
and our world will be changed forever.
Grant us faith.

May You dwell within us and guide our actions;
May our words be Yours and may these same words
reach the hopeless, the lost, the grieved,
and those whose pride tells them there is no God.
May our hearts be conformed to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
and let us never forget,
Thy Will be done, not ours.