The apostolate of the St. Paul Evangelization Society (SPES) is dedicated to helping diocesan bishops in their apostolic role as the principal evangelizer in their respective dioceses. We are particularly dedicated to facilitating bishop-led evangelization, so that all the parishes and Catholic institutions of a diocese/archdiocese might explicitly embrace the overarching call of the Great Commission (cf. Mt 28:18-20) rather than just a select few.

The SPES Apostolate is dedicated to connecting resources and people with our bishops to facilitate the New Evangelization. To this end, SPES assists diocesan bishops with setting up endowments restricted specifically for evangelization and makes the initial investment. . This includes picking up the tab for an independent study to examine the feasibility of a capital campaign to fund the diocesan evangelization endowment.

In addition to financial resources, we assist the bishop in whatever way is most helpful to him. This may include: pro-bono strategic planning consulting; arranging the input of other national Catholic evangelistic ministries and trainers (with whom we have formal agreements); organizing diocesan advisory councils, etc.

SPES also provides research, interviews, and case studies focused specifically on the New Evangelization This includes researching best practices, in-depth information and analysis of various evangelizing apostolates, connecting missionary disciples with bishops and one another, and offering pragmatic tools like book reviews and statistics so that each bishop can bear the most fruit with his limited resources.